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inkjet printers for photo output

Hi - I hope this gets to the list.  I've been having problems with the
listserver, so this is partly a test, but I also have a question.

Does anyone have comparative experience with the new Hewlett Packard RetII
inkjet printers, the HP Photo Smart Photo Printer, and the Epson 750? It's
ridiculously hard to get to see sample copies of the Epson, easy as easy
to get to see output from HP RetII printers, and our local store actually
had a Photo Smart set up for demonstration.  To my eye, the dots are
largest with the 4-color HP RetII printers (they look wonderful to the
naked eye, but a loupe shows the dots to be large), smallest with the
6-color Epson (they mailed me a sample) - but I like the look of the
6-color HP PhotoSmart pictures the best, even though there are plenty of
very small visible dots under a loupe - like a color separation.

Nobody seems to have much in the way of separate-tank-per-color machines
around our neck of the woods, and certainly not in the $150-300 price
range.  BTW, the Photo Smart is $149 around here, the other two are both

I guess I don't understand why the mid-size-dot image looks most like a
silver hydride photograph to me, and both the Epson (much smaller dots)
and the 4-color HP (definitely larger dots) seem somehow less nuanced.

Any thoughts?

Judy Kerman
Saginaw Valley State University

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