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Re: inkjet printers for photo output

        I'm not familiar with the Epson 750, but love the Epson
printers as a whole.  Have noticed some of the newer printers of
other brands say they have the asme dpi(1440 x 720) as the Epson.
What made it difficult to compare in most stores was the fact that
there were only the demo was set up to print and it was the med or
low print quality so it would seem faster.  Some of the stores like
Fry Electronics will allow you to print out your own picture and then
you can compare more easily.
        Take a look at the ALPS printers, too.  I think there is one
in the $300 range.  It has cartridges with tape and prints at 600
dpi, but you never see any dots, as that is not how it prints.  The
resin on the tape is thermally transferred to the paper resulting in
a veary realistic looking picture.  It will even put a gloss coat on
if you want.
Mary Hackney aka Synchronicity

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