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late August workshops

Hi everyone! Just a short note to tell you I will be teaching two two-day
workshops the end of August at Peninsula Art School in Door County Wisconsin.
Because a couple of people who had signed on recently changed their minds, I
am pretty desperate for a couple more people so that the classes can go ahead
as planned. If you have had a small learning vacation in mind but weren't
sure where you wanted to go, I have been told that this area of Wisconsin is
particularly beautiful, especially at that time of year. And if you are one
of those who has been in the terribly hot weather we have all had a taste of
this summer, I think I can confidently assure you it will be much much cooler
there. Here's the description of the workshops and thanks for taking the time
to read this. Barbara Harman

Unbinding the Book: The Boundless Concertina (class #100)

How many ways can you fold a peice of paper and what can you make with it
then? Beginning with manipulation of a single page, this class explores the
endlessly variable accordion, or concertina. Concertinas are one of the
earliest book forms, a deceptively simple structure that stretches to
accommodate fold-outs, inserts, meanders, envelopes, albums, portfolios, sewn
and unsewn spines, detachable and permanent covers - alone and in uncountable
combinations. Students will take home numerous completed books and a multiple
of ideas for more from this two-day intensive workshop. Thurs.-Friday, August
26-27, 10:00-5:00 each day. Tuition is $160 plus $25 for materials. All
materials and tools are provided by the instructor.

More Concertina Madness: Combination Books (class #101)

This second class takes the basic concertina several steps further into
complexity and versatility, using concertinas as support spines for multiple
signatures and fold-out window pages, adding hard covers clothed in
decorative paper or fabric. An unusual double-sided journal, one side for
writing, the other for drawing, is the perfect travel companion. A hard-cover
album built on a concertina spine, with fold-out pages just the right size to
house photographs, small watercolors or drawings, makes a unique gift or
memory book. Unbinding the Book is helpful, but not required before taking
this class. No prior book making experience is necessary for either workshop.
Sat.-Sun., August 28-29, 10:00-5:00. Tuition is $160 plus $25 for materials.
All materials and tools are provided by the instructor.

If you are interested in either or both of these workshops, please call
Peninsula Art School to register at 920-868-3455. Thanks again. Barbara

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