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InkJet permanence

During May, 1999, there was an informative, albeit incomplete, dialog about
ink-jet printers, their inks and papers. Many seemed to agree that Epson
printers were desirable, but the question of archival quality of both inks
and paper was still unresolved. Several writers observed that archival
testing was underway in multiple venues, but that results were not complete.

We have recently purchased Epson's newest 13"x19", 6-color, 1440 dpi "Stylus
Photo 1200", available between $400. and $500., depending upon where you
buy. (Cheapest, by far, on the Web, but no-one had it in stock when we
needed it, so paid full price at CompUSA). After giving it heavy usage in
the fine arts category for several weeks now, we are delighted with the
quality of photo-type images (Photoshop, Illustrator, etc.), and the color
fidelity of this machine.

We notice, however, that the small ink cartridges do not last very long, and
thus are quite expensive. Comes now Vivian Montre recommending knock-off
cartridges for much less: sounds good, but that again raises the archival
question. Does anyone yet know if there is a source for archival inks for
the new Epson Photo 1200?
Art Miller, Howell, MI

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