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Re: InkJet permanence

try http://www.missupply.com/store.cgi

they're closer (to you) than you might think, Lake Orion, MI
Darryl Baird

Art Miller wrote:

> During May, 1999, there was an informative, albeit incomplete, dialog about
> ink-jet printers, their inks and papers. Many seemed to agree that Epson
> printers were desirable, but the question of archival quality of both inks
> and paper was still unresolved. Several writers observed that archival
> testing was underway in multiple venues, but that results were not complete.
> We have recently purchased Epson's newest 13"x19", 6-color, 1440 dpi "Stylus
> Photo 1200", available between $400. and $500., depending upon where you
> buy. (Cheapest, by far, on the Web, but no-one had it in stock when we
> needed it, so paid full price at CompUSA). After giving it heavy usage in
> the fine arts category for several weeks now, we are delighted with the
> quality of photo-type images (Photoshop, Illustrator, etc.), and the color
> fidelity of this machine.
> We notice, however, that the small ink cartridges do not last very long, and
> thus are quite expensive. Comes now Vivian Montre recommending knock-off
> cartridges for much less: sounds good, but that again raises the archival
> question. Does anyone yet know if there is a source for archival inks for
> the new Epson Photo 1200?
> Art Miller, Howell, MI

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