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Re: inkjet printers for photo output

Many manufacturers are now producing ink jet and laser printers which sell
at a very low price, but have a limited supply of ink or toner. After a
brief period of use, one must buy replacement supplies, which are available
at an inflated price from the manufacturer. Gillette has done very well in
the razor business by making a profit from selling blades, though the
razors themseves are quite inexpensive. Xerox has just done the same thing
with their XD100 copier-printer.
        These machines are excellent, and produce outstanding results, but they
are expensive to run
        The best solution is to purchase printer supplies from someone other than
the manufacturer. This has risks, of course, since cheaper is rarely
better. For refilled toner cartridges, the best source I have found is BC
Computer Co., 201 East Hightway 17, Houston, MO 65483. 1-800-648-2759. Fax
417-967-4032. For ink jet ink, I have had good results with MIS Associates,
Inc., 282 Kirksway C1, Lake Orion, MI, 48362. 248-814-9398. www.missupply.com
        I have no connection with these companies other than as a satisfied
customer. Their supplies cost approximately half as much as those from the

At 12:08 PM 8/4/1999 -0700, you wrote:
>i have an epson photo ex now after owning both hp and cannon in college. the
>print quality is nice *on the correct paper*, HOWEVER, it is very expensive
>to run. while doing a big job a few months ago, i calculated that each 8 1/2
>x 11 print was costing over $1 a page in ink alone. it was producing less
>than 20 prints per new color cartridge. combine that with the $1 a sheet for
>paper and it would have been cheaper to run color photocopies at at the
>local copy shop. very disappointing. ( the old hp printed my entire thesis
>embedded with color illustrations several times without ever making a dent
>in the in cartridge).
>i have not tried these yet, but know of people that have gotten excellent
>results using refillable cartridges. these inks are also archival. these
>will be my next strategy to cut production costs.
> www.luminos.com
>good luck.
>kimberly davies

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