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Re: inkjet printers for photo output

Just my two cents worth. Ink jet refills can do damage to your printer
head over a period of time and wind up costing more in the long run due
to repairs. I'm not saying that this is true in every case. Some
manufacturers are better than others. Even the ones that sell the cheap
stuff sometimes offer outstanding quality.
I am a book binding computer technician turned webmeistress and I am
basing my opinion on my experience in a computer repair environment. It
seems that refill kits tend to make bigger messes and clog things up
more than cartridges designed specifically for the printer. I used an HP
printer for years with no problem until I started using a refill kit.
The refill kit somehow made a mess of things and it took forever for my
printer to get unclogged and back up to par.
I have no vested interest in ink jet printers. I don't even own one
anymore. I just thought I'd throw this at you for whatever it's worth.
I have no experience with toner refills for laser printers. Anybody out
there have an opinion about those? I'd like to hear it if you do,
because it will soon be toner time around here.

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