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Re: inkjet printers for photo output

G wrote:

> Just my two cents worth. Ink jet refills can do damage to your printer
> head over a period of time and wind up costing more in the long run due
> to repairs. I'm not saying that this is true in every case. Some
> manufacturers are better than others. Even the ones that sell the cheap
> stuff sometimes offer outstanding quality.
> I am a book binding computer technician turned webmeistress and I am
> basing my opinion on my experience in a computer repair environment. It
> seems that refill kits tend to make bigger messes and clog things up
> more than cartridges designed specifically for the printer. I used an HP
> printer for years with no problem until I started using a refill kit.

I've recently seen cleaning cartridges for these printers..I can't remember
where, but I suspect they are finally getting around to addressing this
problem. It took years to introduce more permanent ink sets, I suspect this
will be another area of consumer response. I'm not holding my breath,
though. They do have to make money, don't they?
Darryl Baird
Assistant Professor of Art
Photography & Graphic Design
University of Michigan-Flint

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