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Re: inkjet printers for photo output

At 09:47 AM 8/6/99 , you wrote:
>Just my two cents worth. Ink jet refills can do damage to your printer
>head over a period of time and wind up costing more in the long run due
>to repairs. I'm not saying that this is true in every case. Some
>manufacturers are better than others. Even the ones that sell the cheap
>stuff sometimes offer outstanding quality.

I'd tend to agree.  The printer manufacturers have chemists working with
the engineers to produce their products.  Do you really think some guy
refilling carts in his garage (o.k., that's not accurate .. in all
cases. ;-) has access to this type of testing?  I doubt it.

Remember, the ink carts are designed for ONE time use only .. so you'll
buy more!  (The razor-blade analogy).  They're purposefully NOT designed
to be used more than once.  You're really stretching the limits if you
use any cart more than twice, in my experience.  No matter the brand.

Lots of these places .. missupply included .. don't even sell refilled
HP carts anymore.  They'll sell you kits to do it yourself, but they're
'off the hook' if -you- mess things up.  :-)

My humble suggestion:  But new carts from places like missupply .. which
sell them FAR cheaper than retail outlets.

Ron Yost

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