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inkjet printers for photo output (fwd)

Mis-directed..., hence forwarded.



Peter Verheyen, Listowner: Book_Arts-L

---------- Forwarded message ----------
Date: Fri, 6 Aug 1999 14:17:08 -0400 (EDT)
From: Linda Scarth <lscarth@mmc.mtmercy.edu>
To: "Peter D. Verheyen" <pdverhey@DREAMSCAPE.COM>
Subject: Re: inkjet printers for photo output


I can't comment on comparing the printers, but as we have an HP Photosmart
at home, thought I'd say that we like it very much.  We use it mostly for
scanned slides to use on greeting cards or to make prints for temporary
display.  Also use it for scanned color prints which I want to edit in
Micrografx Picture Publisher 8 software.  I have not used it for making
overheads of scanned photos and slides but expect it would do better than
the HP Deskjet 672 I use here at work to help faculty make such overheads
for teaching and meeting presentations. So far they seem quite happy with
the results.  Were I to take a file home to print on the Photosmart, I am
certain they would start lobbying for one here.  We also have an HP 800
series deskjet at home which does an acceptable job printing scans that do
not need to be photo quality.  The exact printer number has slipped my
mind at the moment.  Back to the PhotoSmart.  When we explain that these
are computer prints which will not have the life expectancy of a photo, we
are not always believed because the quality is so good.



Linda L. Scarth
        Reference Librarian             Mount Mercy College
        Busse Center Library            Cedar Rapids, IA 52402
        phone 319-363-8213 ext1246      fax 319-363-9060

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