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Arcturus Editions: Pat Reed

Arcturus Editions is proud to announce the publication of:


artwork by Marianne Kolb
ISBN 0-9661505-2-X
$10.00, 4 7/8 x 7 1/2, 28 pp., printed letterpress using handset type on
Mohawk Superfine, with Thai Unryu endpapers sewn in Fabriano Tiziano covers
$20.00 signed edition, lettered A-Z

Culled camping in the Sierra Nevada, her perception pared to precise sound,
the syllables of Pat Reed's poems spill effortlessly down page, a stream that
"opens the blackness."

Pat Reed was born in Los Angeles and has lived in the Bay Area for the
past twenty years. She is the author of six books of poetry: _Sea Asleep_
(Coincidence Press, 1983), _More Awesome_ (One Dog Garage, 1985), _Qualm
Lore_ (One Dog Garage, 1987), _Kismet_ (O Books, 1990), _Tangle Blue_ (1993),
_Dawn Walking Shoes_ (1996), and a prose memoir of teaching refugees in East
Oakland, _We Want to See Your Tears Falling Down_ (literatura de cordel,
1996). She currently teaches at Hayward State University.

Swiss artist Marianne Kolb has lived in the Bay Area since 1983. She has
exhibited in the U.S. and in Europe since 1991 and is currently represented
by Hang Gallery in San Francisco. Primarily a painter and printmaker, she
often changes medium and scale in her work, and at times will drop all other
tools to draw with stick & ink. Two ink stick drawings were created for
_Container of Stars_.

"From the author of the deft sprawl of _Kismet_ comes a 'poking / through the
/ black grid,' a mellow rounded ear of absence, then 'fish whump' or 'Giants
shift'-- a causal puzzle of clustered stanzas abutting the natural world.
Enjambment quickens and slows the eye-word 'VERY STILL' -- can't escape --
the locale-specific, transportative function of this beautiful clear work."

               --Steven Farmer

"Absolute (f)act of attention to word enactments of events in world; what
happens when one stops to see and/or hear 'it' taking place in the 'out
there' that is also an interior experience of being inside solitude of
exterior land(e)scape; feeling registered as the sounds of syllables in the
air/ear ('I sit still / in my tent / by the river // filling my ear / with
cold going') -- Pat Reed's _Container of Stars_ bears (re)reading, again and

                --Stephen Ratcliffe

Also available:

Gustaf Sobin, _A WORLD OF LETTERS_
ISBN 0-9661505-1-1, 16 page letterpress chapbook, $8.00

Arcturus Chaplet Series: (printed letterpress on a single sheet of paper &
sewn in covers):

#1, Patrick Pritchett, _Ark Dive_ (an elegy for Ronald Johnson), $4.00
#2, Kenneth Irby, _[syzygos]_, $5.00

Available from Small Press Distribution, 1341 Seventh Street, Berkeley, CA
94710; 800-869-7553; http://www.spdbooks.org; e-mail: spd@spdbooks.org

or from the press, checks payable to: Charles Smith
$1.50 shipping & postage, $.0.50 per additional items
CA residents, please add 7.25% sales tax

Arcturus Editions
2135 Irvin Way
Sacramento, CA 95822

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