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Re: Alps printers.

If the printer is banding, the head alignment or something else is out
of whack. I ran many prints through my Alps before it started banding
pretty badly. Maybe I used a paper stock too heavy....nah, not me
<Grin>. Anyway, I called Alps customer service and after a series of
tests they decided to send me a new printer. I like that in a company.

I've used this printer, especially those lovely metallic inks, for two
book projects; one was 70+ pages (edition of ten) and it worked well
through the project. My only complaint is that it does tend to break
ribbons, but I've learned to repair the cartridges to keep on printing
and not lose too much ribbon. I'm cheap, too.
Darryl Baird

"Jack C. Thompson" wrote:

> I agree, Alps printers sometimes do banding, but not often, in
> my experience.   All of the covers (hardcover and paperback) for
> Lotta Rahme's book, _Leather: Preparation and Tanning by Traditional
> Methods_ are printed on an Alps, and I have begun using it for some
> videotape covers.
> Jack

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