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Re: Toner refills - forget it!

Mr. Fletcher has had a series of bad experiences with one company and names
        I have had many good experiences, with another laser cartridge refilling
company. I named it. These experiences have covered ten years and four
different types of HP and Xerox printers.
        Take your choice.

 At 11:22 PM 8/6/1999 -0400, you wrote:
>In a message dated 8/6/99 9:48:42 AM Pacific Daylight Time,
>gmcneese@SURFSOUTH.COM writes:
><< I have no experience with toner refills for laser printers. Anybody out
> there have an opinion about those?  >>
>Yeah, from my experience, don't wast your time with them.  The only way to go
>is with original (in my case HP) toner cartridges.   Some folks will
>certainly pop up that they have been happy with this or that supplier. My
>experience says otherwise. The latest and worst experience was with Access
>Computer Products.  These folks came highly recommended from somebody whose
>opinion I truly respect.   So I dedicided to give them a try.    The horrors!
>  First off they quoted a price that was as high as what I was paying for a
>new HP cartridge at Office Depot. Talked to a manager (Tony) and we
>negotiated a lower price. Eventually I got a cartridge (Tony wanted a copy of
>one of my Office Depot receipts to verify the price I said I was paying and
>apparently he never got the fax I sent so he never filled the order)
>Unfortunately the problems were only starting. The cartridge I got from
>Access Computer Products was not an extented output cartridge like I ordered
>but was a standard capacity. The problem was that this made the negotiated
>price no more of a bargain than the Office Depot price.    Never the less I
>decided to give the cartridge a try and after  a about a thousand pages it
>started to produce streaks down one side.  Sent it back and told them about
>getting the wrong cartridge and they sent me another one. Well this one was
>also the wrong cartridge. Tried this cartridge and almost immediately it was
>dumping toner out one edge. This showed up as a black band on one side of the
>pages and it was also dumping toner into my printer which wasn't very nice.
>Computer Access sent another cartridge out, after I talked to the Quality
>Control guy who assured me that they really only had the high capacity
>cartridges and the others must have been mismarked.  Well I finally do get a
>high capacity cartridge. After about 1000 sheets it starts to smell like
>burning plastic and the print output is horrid.    I get a return
>authorization from Computer Access to return all the cartridges along with
>examples of the failed output.   My reward was that Computer Access wouldn't
>even refund my monies.   I figured it was a lesson hard learned and I will
>never again buy any toner cartridges from a second tier supplier. It just
>isn't worth it.  Now I get my HP cartridges from ONSALE for a price that
>beats all the second tier suppliers and I get the real deal, having used
>countless HP toner cartridges now without a single failure of any kind.
>dt fletcher

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