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Re: Pictures of Bookbinding

At 05:27 PM 8/7/99 EDT, John Tewell wrote:
>Does anyone know where I can find a print of a bindery for decoration in my
>shop? I am looking for something related to hand binding. maybe an old
>craftsman working in his shop, or something similar. I was told that Gane or
>someone used to have these kinds of trade prints as a form of advertising,
>but they don't anymore. I would be happy to just have a copy of something
>along those lines. I would also be interested in prints of old book presses
>and equipment too. I am not looking for any high priced original stuff. Just
>something that would look nice on the wall. Thanks. JT

Actually, I've got a ton of pictures like that (all copyright-free!) in
various books and would be happy to scan one or a couple for you at
high-resolution (like, 300dpi) and save it as a high-quality JPEG, if you'd
like, and then you could just print it out on your printer (assuming you
have one). You'd need some sort of image-editing software, though (like
Photoshop or Paint Shop Pro or something), otherwise, if you wanted to
print from a browser or something, I could only do one up for you at 72dpi.

Of course, I don't know quite what it is that you'd be looking for exactly.
Many of the pictures that I have are kind-of like the one that I used for
the title graphic on my main home page, i.e. at...


Is that basically the kind of pic that you meant? Of course, that
particular one isn't what the original looked like. The original picture
that I made that from you can see at...


...and there's a related one at...


Is that kind of what you were looking for? Like I said, I could scan either
of those two pics at high-res, but I also have a whole pile of other ones
like that which I could scan as well -- the only problem being, of course,
that you're not here to choose which one you'd want! :/

Feel free to write me off-list, if you'd like.

Ron :)

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