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Re: Do it Yourself Standing press

Brenda delaMora wrote:
> Just came from an all day papermaking class where a press was made for
> squeezing out all the water from layers and layers of paper and felt.  They
> had it made by a mechanic where a "hydraulic pump" was used to press the
> water out.  It was sort of heavy, but was portable to take to classes and
> schools.  Of course, they wanted to sell it to me for $750 which I thought
> was way out (I could be wrong) of the actual cost to make and construct.
> Does anyone know of some sort of plans, etc to make such a monster.

Hello Brenda,

I don't know about plans for this but the cost is WAY OUT of the actual
material cost - you're quite right there. What you need is a few steel
girders and a off-the-shelf hydraulic jack or pump and some extra stuff.
A welder can put it together for you. Material cost (if you use a
hydraulic jack instead of pump with hose etc) is not more than perhaps
USD150-200, at the most and then it depends on how much he charges.

In Sweden you often get a good price if you have the guys that are
training to become welders (in schools) to do this for you - maybe it's
possible where you are too?

Mats Broberg
Stockholm - SWEDEN

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