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Re: Stopping mail temporarily

As this is quite common I'm copying the list.

The list name is Book_Arts-L. you left out the "_"

I would suggest simply using the preformatted mail links I set up on the
FAQ page at <http://www.dreamscape.com/pdverhey>. Just find the command
you wish to issue, click on the link and hit send. The subject line should
remain blank. That's all there is. All it requires is that your browser
email is configured the same as the machine you subscribed from. AOL users
will have no problems...



Peter Verheyen, Listowner: Book_Arts-L

On Tue, 10 Aug 1999 JConneen@aol.com wrote:

> Peter:
> I have never had any problem before and am sorry I have to resort to emailing
> you, but I have tried three times to temporarily stop my mail (until August
> 28) and all three times my message has been returned.
> I sent this to : Listserv@Listserv.syr.edu
> The message was: set Book Arts-L nomail
> The last time it was returned, the comment was: "'ARTS-L' invalid
> subscription" (the capitalization was theirs)
> I probably did something dumb that I cannot recognize but each time I read
> your instructions I cannot figure out where I could be going wrong.
> I wondered, also, if there could be something wrong with the email
> connection. I am really sorry to be bothering you with this but I must get
> the list successfully cancelled before Thursday morning when I leave for the
> Miniature Book Society
> Conclave in Koblenz, Germany.
> With thanks, apologies and best wishes,
> Jane Conneen
> jconneen@aol.com

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