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Re: Do it Yourself Standing press

I have the Greg Markim Press and I love it! It was designed by Arnold
Grummer for papermaking. Not only is it perfectly functional and very easy
to use, it looks beautiful too.
Karen Thomas

>From: Trish Rodgers <TRod030912@AOL.COM>
>Reply-To: "Book_Arts-L: READ THE FAQ at http://www.dreamscape.com/pdverhey"
>Subject: Re: Do it Yourself Standing press
>Date: Mon, 9 Aug 1999 19:18:08 EDT
>Greg Markim, Inc sells a Paper Press. It sells for $160.00
>This is what the catalog description says: Paper Press- Make paper with a
>professional finish. Paper dried slowly under pressure delivers a smoother,
>flatter, harder surface and is less likely to feather ink. Our quality
>yields 2000 lbs. of pressure and is maintenance free. Baltic birch, fully
>assembled. Also used for book binding, flower pressing, embossing, etc. For
>papers up to 8.5"x11". Package in box, 12"x14"x15".
>Greg Markim, Inc
>POBox 13245
>Milwaukee, WI 53213
>This price sounds a lot better than $750.  I just got my catalog in the
>today and thought I'd share this info...

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