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off line person requests advice

 I was asked to post this note, perhaps someone on this list could give Ben
advice. He is not on the book_arts list.
Please respond directly to Ben Vasali at address below. Thanks.

>From: "BEN VASALI" <bvasali@hotmail.com>

>My name is Ben Vasali and I am an artist who creates artists books of
>etchings, watercolors and poems. After 7 years I recently completed an
>artist book after my lover died on the island of Santorini.  The book is a
>based on a series of dreams. It is done in the style of Persian, Russian and
>Japanese miniatures. I am a graduate from Parsons School of Design and have
>won awards internationally.
>I was curious whether you knew of any representatives or agents who would be
>willing to take a look at  the idea.  I was looking to create a small
>edition of hand bound books of etchings and letterpressed poems which would
>be sold to individual collectors in conjunction with an exhibition.
>I am not sure if it is appropriate(protocol) to seek an agent or find a
>small press for an idea such as this. If you have any advice or know of a
>small press that I could contact I would greatly appreciate it. Its so hard
>getting any information as to binding, marketing or anything like that-it is
>mostly my fault for not being a better businessman. I was hoping you might
>know of some direction for a idea like this.
>Any help or direction would be greatly appreciated.
>Sincerely yours,
Jill Timm, Visual Media Designer
User Centered Design
Network Computing Software, IBM Austin
(512) 838-9267, jtimm@us.ibm.com

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