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Re: NEA Funding Petition

Yes, this is off topic, but I'm in that sort of mood where I have to reply...

I have seen this petition I don't know how many times.  Or is it a different one
which just sounds like the one circulated last month, last year, and the year

After reading it all through and then trying to figure out how best to copy and
paste and forward it and adding your name to the bottom and getting it to
everyone you know (and having most of them just trash it), a quick email to your
senator with a CC to your representative(s), the president, the supreme court,
etc, would, in my opinion, but much more effective and a better use of the
internet and your time.  Having a thousand emails/letters pour in from concerned
citizens has to have more impact than one ultralong email petitions with a bunch
of names, some real/some made up(?), on it.

Finding your senator's/representative's email/address/webpage is easy.
For senators, go to: http://www.senate.gov./contacting/index_by_state.cfm
For reps, go to: http://www.house.gov/writerep/

I'm not trying to flame here, just vent.  I feel passionately about some of
these topics as well, but lets try to make our efforts as effective as we can.

Eric Alstrom
Hanover, NH

P.S. And another benefit of emailing your rep is you can get these really great
automatically generated generic replies which can be quite humorous sometimes.
Check of the May and August issues of Harper's Magazine for some good ones.

--- Jill Timm wrote:
Below is an opportunity to support the arts, PLEASE READ. IT IS URGENT!
--- end of quote ---

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