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Re: NEA Funding Petition

Eric is absolutely right.  That email (and the "Nina Totenburg" quote) has
been circulating for over 3 years.  As a public radio employee and an NEA
grant recipient, I can say that it's incredibly important to support your
favorite arts organization/public broadcaster and to keep in touch with
your representative, but the immediate threat by Congress is no longer
relevant.  Eric's advice is right on target.

At 04:39 PM 08/11/1999 EDT, Eric C. Alstrom wrote:
>Yes, this is off topic, but I'm in that sort of mood where I have to reply...
>I have seen this petition I don't know how many times.  Or is it a
different one
>which just sounds like the one circulated last month, last year, and the year
>After reading it all through and then trying to figure out how best to
copy and
>paste and forward it and adding your name to the bottom and getting it to
>everyone you know (and having most of them just trash it), a quick email
to your
>senator with a CC to your representative(s), the president, the supreme
>etc, would, in my opinion, but much more effective and a better use of the
>internet and your time.  Having a thousand emails/letters pour in from
>citizens has to have more impact than one ultralong email petitions with a
>of names, some real/some made up(?), on it.
>Finding your senator's/representative's email/address/webpage is easy.
>For senators, go to: http://www.senate.gov./contacting/index_by_state.cfm
>For reps, go to: http://www.house.gov/writerep/
>I'm not trying to flame here, just vent.  I feel passionately about some of
>these topics as well, but lets try to make our efforts as effective as we
>Eric Alstrom
>Hanover, NH
>P.S. And another benefit of emailing your rep is you can get these really
>automatically generated generic replies which can be quite humorous
>Check of the May and August issues of Harper's Magazine for some good ones.
>--- Jill Timm wrote:
>Below is an opportunity to support the arts, PLEASE READ. IT IS URGENT!
>--- end of quote ---

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