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Re: newbie questions

Hi Amy,
You'll find that the folks on this list are wonderful. You can ask them
anything! Every now and then you get someone who's had a bad day and
they'll make a smart remark, but for the most part they are wonderful.
Peter, the list administrator, is wonderful about stopping flame wars
when they do occur. So feel free to jump in. Just don't forward junk
mail, chain letters, etc. and you'll be OK.
Have a great day!

"Amy G. Peacock" wrote:
> I am new to the list but have been lurking for a couple of weeks now.
> Is it ok to ask newbie (I hate that word) questions here? I'm just a
> budding book maker and so my questions would be about stuff like
> gluing techniques, what kind of paper works best for covering the
> chip or mat board, puching/drilling holes in the binding and so on.
> Would my questions be ok to post here?
> Amy

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