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Re: holes in bindings

> I have had holes drilled at Kinko's before and they turned out
> nice - but I get frayed edges when I try to do it. I'm probably doing
> something wrong. Is there a special kind of bit to use?
> Oh yes - I want holes through two pieces of chip board and about 35
> pieces of text weight paper.
> Amy

Yes you need a special drill  - ANY copy shop or printer can do this for you
--  most faster, better and much more competnetly than any Kinkos

Holes should cost you between 75 cents and $1.00 each for up to roughly two
(2) inches of clean paper

United Electronic Printers Inc. - AlcoPrint
39716 Fremont Boulevard
Fremont, CA 94538-1316

510/796-COPY (2679)

LarryHN@alco.com  --  http://www.alco.com

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