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Re: holes in bindings


to drill holes in a stack of papers is difficult.  if you can build a jig or
template and do them a few at a time, you have more options than drilling the
whole stack at once.

in a single cover or a short stack of pages, an awl or other pointed tool is
fine.  a punch has a hollow, tubular cutting blade which will remove the
paper from the hole and you won't have the torn edges.  there are leather
punches, punches for metal or wood, and specialty bookbinding punches.  we
sell a japanese one in my store that turns when you put pressure on it, like
a ratchet tool.  it's very nice and expensive.  most of my students don't get
to use that one.

when you get into cutting a tall stack at the same time you need something
which will not flare or clog up as fast.  i have an old paper drill that i
use.  it's wonderful with the tiny bits i got for it, but for bigger holes -
it's easier to let kinko's or some other printer clean out their bits instead
of me having to clean mine after every other hole.

have fun and ask more questions.

art outfitters
little rock, arkansas, u.s.a.

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