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drill bits/gift wrap

First, I want to thank everyone for the replies so far on drilling
holes. I searched the archives and found a little more information on
the type of drill bit I might need. Also, while at Kinko's today I
asked to see the bit they use. The guy there said they were very
expensive. But I think in the future I am going to try to use a local
print shop instead - they messed up one of my books today - not
irrevocably, I can recover, but still....

Anyway, I was wondering if anyone has ever used gift wrap to make
their covers before - or rather anything sort of glossy like gift wrap
is. Everytime I try to do it I get bubbles and wrinkles and stuff. I'm
probably doing something wrong. And, like painting a wall with gloss
paint, all imperfections are magnified. Sigh. there are so many cool
gift wraps out there that would be fun to play with, but not If I am
going to waste my time or be frustrated with the results. Ideas?


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