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artist books at lettering art website

I have recently established a website containing eight separate
galleries of Australian calligraphy, lettering art and artist books.


It is a non commercial site which was a gift from my daughter - whose
only requested recompense was the establishment of 'The Dragons'

All banners, backgrounds etc. are the original work of the artists
concerned. My own section contains backgrounds and banners made from
paste papers.

Several of the eight calligraphers currently represented here are
also artist book makers. Their work can be viewed in their individual

Karen Ter Haar has some fine pieces of marbling on which she has
written some of Banjo Patterson and Henry Lawson's poetry.

New work is being added every few days. Please visit.

The site is being visited by 200 - 300 interested people daily and I
am receiving many messages from school children who have been
excited by the work displayed and the constantly growing galleries.

regards, cecilia sharpley, montrose, victoria, australia

montrose, victoria, australia
Australian Horsesports

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