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Re: holes in bindings

Here at Dartmouth College we use the Fiskars hand drill on a daily basis for
drilling sewing holes for side sewn pamphlets.  They are indeed indispensable
and the price is affordable as well.  And they are durable.  I have been using
them for over four years.  The original one I purchased finally gave out after
nearly two years of faithful service.  This was used practically everyday
drilling five holes in each pamphlet at the rate of about 250 pamphlets per

The one down side is that they do not always make a clean whole.  If you could
purchase the special paper drill bit and use it with the hand drill, then you
might have a nice set up for small runs of books.  It would have to be cheaper
than using your local copy shop (not that I don't support them wholeheartedly!)
or than buying a push drill or other fancy machine.


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>Date:         Mon, 16 Aug 1999 09:22:08 -0500
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>From: Kristin Holm <kholm@ACOEM.ORG>
>Subject:      Re: holes in bindings
> Just yesterday, I used a Friskars hand drill to drill 22 holes through
> triple-weight chip board  and 20 pieces of 140 weight watercolor paper with
> no problems and no fraying.
> I have found most Friskars products (cutters, drills etc) to be
> indispensable and reliable as well as affordable for the beginner.
> Kristin
> Chicago, IL

 Eric Alstrom
 Collections Conservator
 Dartmouth College
 Hanover, NH


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