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Re: Pop-up how-to

>Please can someone help me...I am trying to get hold of a book that I saw a
>few years ago here in South Africa at Exclusive Books, Hyde Park, called
>The Pop-up book.

One of the more sophisticated and beautiful how-to pop-up book is:
"The Pop-Up Book" by Paul Jackson, 1993 & reprinted in 1996 (paperback ed)

A fun how-to pop-up book which is in itself a pop-up book so you can
actually see how each pop-up works is:
"Pop-O-Mania" by Barbara Valenta, 1997 ISBN 0-8037-1947-7

There are lots and lots of how-to pop-up books on the market, but not all
are created equal!  Happy hunting.

d. guffey

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