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Board Grain (Was Re: gift wrap)

I'm not sure how easy it would be in small scraps but with a large sheet of
board you can determine the grain by grasping opposite edges and flexing
slightly. It will bend more easily with the grain than against. Once you
have determined the grain direction on the large sheet, use a pencil on the
back to make a series of lines parallel to the grain, so that when you are
down to using the scraps you still have some pencil lines to guide you. If
you anticipate using really small scraps (for miniature bindings, for
example) you should make the lines an inch or so apart, otherwise every six
inches or so should be ok.


>I searched the archives and wasn't able to find a reference to finding the
>grain of different boards. Obviously, some of the same tricks used to find
>the grain direction in paper doesn't work with stiffer board. I work with a
>lot of reclaimed scraps of rag mat board - any way to discern the grain
>direction without having to take a small slice off of each one? Does grey
>binders board have a grain direction as well?

Richard Miller <rmiller@peterboro.net>

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