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Re: paper grain

All binders boards that I'm familiar with have a definite grain.
Mail-order vendors note grain direction, as do paper sample books
available through distributors.  I test everything by touch--it doesn't
take long to learn to distinguish differences as the stock is gently
bent into an arc.  If I'm not sure, then I do a moisture test.  Some
matboard has definite grain, some has very little, if any, which I've
assumed is related to the orientation of the plies of the board.

It becomes routine to mark grain on everything you cut, regardless of
what it is...even cloth scraps.

Carol P.
Eugene, OR

RLavadour wrote:
> "for all papers with a definite grain, the covering paper or cloth must be
> used with the grain in the same direction as that in the board you are
> covering."
> I searched the archives and wasn't able to find a reference to finding the
> grain of different boards. Obviously, some of the same tricks used to find
> the grain direction in paper doesn't work with stiffer board. I work with a
> lot of reclaimed scraps of rag mat board - any way to discern the grain
> direction without having to take a small slice off of each one? Does grey
> binders board have a grain direction as well?
> Thanks in advance for your time -
> Best wishes,
> Roberta
> paper@oregontrail.net

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