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Re: Graphite edges

Ganz einfach. Text heften, abpressen.... Dann (oben) beschneiden, in die
Presse und schmiergeln bis es glaenzt. Ich fange mit der Schabklinge an und
mache dann mit feinem Glaspapier fertig machen. Dann mit Kleisterwasser den
Schnitt versiegeln. Zum Kleisterwasser tue ich dan Graphite, nicht zu viel
und reibe es gleichmaessige mit einem lappen ein. Achtung vor Klumpen. Dann
tue ich etwas trockenes Graphite auf den Schnitt und reibe ein. Wiederholen
bis es alles schoen gleichmaessige ist. Dann mit einem Achat polieren.
Fritz Wiese hat sehr gute Schnitt beschreibungen auf Seite 149, nur Graphit
wurde nicht erwaehnt.

Real easy. Sew, forward, trim edge. Put book in press with lots of
wastepaper on either side I usually trim it with the book so that it has a
really smooth edge. Put in press and jog up so wastepaper and text form one
smooth surface.Tighten as tighly as you can. I scrape it with a scraper (a
light curved piece of metal with a burr on it) and then finish off with
very fine emery cloth so that I can see myself in it. Give it a light
pastewash and rub in. Then add some graphite to the pastewash, and rub that
in. Sprinkle (carefully) graphite on the edge and rub in. Repeat process.
Make sure you don't have ANY clumps. If you do, remove by wiping with damp
cloth. When you have a nice solid, even edge, carefully begin burnishing
with an agate burnisher. Paul Mitchell in his book on edge treatments
covers this very nicely.

I love graphite, it's easier than one would think and with a little
practice you can get some great edges. For added effect tool with gold
foil, or paint, stencil.... Just don't put anything on thickly or it will
cause the edge decoration to pop off.


At 10:08 PM 8/17/1999 +0200, you wrote:
>I want to decorate the edges of books with graphite. Does anyone know
>how to do this?

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