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Re: Patina on copper


Before you can bend the copper, it needs to be heated.  Without heating it
until it gets a burgundy/red color along the entire length of the piece to
be bent, it will not bend easily, although I don't think that copper will
break.  However, after you heat, cool off by dunking it in water and then in
'pickle' a mix of lots of h2o and hydrochloric acid--I don't know what the
ratio is.  Then, you must wash off the piece before you touch it again.  And
then you will need to clean it up.  You might find it easier if you came to
the jewelry studio on Thurs. afternoon next (between 1 and 4PM).  Chris will
be there and so will I.  You will find Chris really neat and into books!
she and I are going to spend some time talking about books once the 'fall'
schedule has started!  See you Thurs.  jansapp@GTE.NET  Jan Sapp  (sending
you a big hug!)
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From: David J. Lawrence <lawrence@DHC.NET>
Date: Wednesday, August 18, 1999 8:51 AM
Subject: Patina on copper

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>Found Reed C. Bowman's post in the Book Arts L archive about putting a
patina on copper
>with torch (but can't find Reed). Anyone else care to comment on:
>Am going to do a recessed band around the wooden casket I'm making for a
book & wanted to
>make sure I understood the patina instructions properly.
>I should bend & drill the copper band *before* I heat it?
>Looking forward to a reply.
>Sincerely, --Dave.
>David J. Lawrence
>Dallas, Texas
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