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Re: Need restoration and conservation

On Wed, 18 Aug 1999, John Hajicek wrote:

> I am seeking several highly skilled and professional bookbinders to whom I
> can send work.  I am a private collector of fine books and
> pamphlets, and spend about $50,000 per year on book binding and
> conservation on my collection.
> 1.  I need one or two more bookbinders who can do the finest quality
> leather restoration and leather clamshell boxes, capable of making rounded
> spines, four-sided trays with finger cut-outs, raised bands, ornate and
> fine gilt stamping, and blind-stamping, etc.  I am happy to pay the market
> price for quality work, though I am experienced at this and know what
> prices are typical.  I have paid as much as $4,000 to fix a single book.
> Most of my books are worth between $5,000 and $50,000.
> 2.  I  need one bookbinder or company to bind inexpensive reference
> materials and modest books, and make clamshell boxes for pamphlets of
> lesser importance in full cloth, but tastefully done in good quality.  I am
> looking for this type of work to be done efficiently and at a reasonable
> cost.
> 3.  I need a paper conservator who can feather paper mends together so that
> they can hardly be detected, like the old conservators in the middle of
> this century used to be able to do, like mending torn title pages, filling
> holes in end papers, replacing torn corners, adding facsimile text where
> text is lacking, replacing missing end papers with contemporary paper, etc.
> I want craftsmen who understand American bookbinding and paper in the
> period 1830-1860.  I want artisans who will use the same materials,
> leathers (sheepskin), hand-marbled papers (spanish marbling), original
> period paper for mending holes, similar techniques, etc. that were used in
> the period, and good cosmetic repairs using acrylic paints, dyes, and
> artistic ability to mottle leather, give antique finishes to new leather
> and age any new gilt, etc.  I want work by experts with aesthetic skill
> too, not just technical talent.
> Please respond to my personal address, John@Mormonism.com - rather than my
> address used for listserv mail.
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