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Re: Edges

Well, I know next to nothing about edge gilding, but if it can be done
with the normal range of metals with which you can 'gild' other
surfaces, I'd venture a guess that this was done with aluminum, anodized
to that color. I know you can get a pretty convincing copper color with
anodized aluminum, and I've long wished both sheet and leaf were
available in a good imitation copper. It's such a beautiful, unique
look, and it dulls so quickly. It's possible there're other alloys that
can get close, but I've never seen them.

I suspect you can also get a good copper metallic paint by mixing the
right colors for the base, then adding mica or shredded aluminum or
whatever other shiny stuff they use these days.

If anyone does know a source for good copper-color anodized aluminum,
I'd love to hear about it.


Loud Creek Books & Bindery wrote:
> Well to date we have not gotten a reply to our question.... Di get a lot of
> people who want the answer if we can get it though.... the question was:::
> >Several years ago I had in the shop for a short period a book the edges of
> >which were absolutely the most brilliant copper color I have ever seen.
> >metallic VERY copper. Handling did not dull them, and the book was 10 - 12
> >years old at the time and did not show any tendancy to dull or wear.>
> >I have never seen it before or since on any other book. Is this a gold
> alloy
> >or something else? If any one knows or has any suggestions I wwould love to
> >hear it.
> Does someone on the list know of a bindery (or gilder) that does a lot of
> edge gilding (perhaps not on the list) that may be able to answer the
> question.  This could potentially mean a large contract of gilding if I can
> hook up with sopmeone who knows how to do it.
> Kurt Klappenbach
> Loud Creek Books & Bindery
> P.O. Box 8120
> Bangor, ME   04402-8120
> loudcreek@worldnet.att.net
> 207.990.3786

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