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Re: Fine paper for a laser printer

If the toner from the laser printer rubs off easily, it was not fused
properly. This can be caused by the paper being too thick or too fuzzy for
your laser printer. Other causes are: a damaged fuser roller or a
malfunctioning fuser heater. In these two cases, the best remedy is usually
to replace the entire fuser section of the printer.
]        The Hewlett Packard 8100 and a few other laser printers allow you to
adjust the temperature of the fuser roller to fit the paper you are using.
Most printers have only one fuser roller temperature, though sometimes this
can be adjusted by a service person.

 At 12:12 PM 8/20/99 -0500, you wrote:
>Another question.  I want to print a little pamphlet on a laser printer
>(Apple 16/600).  I've printed a few unimportant things on non-photocopy
>paper but have always had trouble with the printing rubbing off. I was told
>that it was due to the texture (that the paper I was using had too much
>texture and wasn't allowing the laser printer to do it's job properly.)
>So my question is do any of you have favored fine papers for use in the
>laser printer?  I've got my eye on Arches Text, white, but haven't tried it
>Again comments, concerns, and suggestions equally accepted.
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>is happiness none the less.

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