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100th Anniversary

Since Hallmark Cards used to have a small card with anniversary info on it
I wrote them from their website.  The following is my note and their reply.

Ain't it wonderful when an I-net merchant refers you to your local library?

>*************** Original Message ***************
> First Name: Sam
> Last Name: Lanham
> E-Mail Address: slanham@hctc.net
> Message: You're the experts: Is there a color or material associated
>with institutional 100th anniversaries? Please help if you can. Thanks.
>Sam Lanham
> 08-23-99-000116
> Hi Sam,
> Thanks for your note.
> I'm glad you're visiting our Hallmark website.  We apologize that we do
>not have information about the institutional 100th anniversary. We
>suggest that you check with your local library for more information.
> Let me know if I can do anything else for you.
> Thanks,   Jan Scott,  Hallmark Consumer Affairs
Sam Lanham (slanham@hctc.net)

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