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It took almost two years and a half to welcome 50.000 visitors to the Museum Security website.
It took just a little over half a year to welcome the next 50.000 visitors. Tomorrow or the day
after tomorrow we expect to 'meet' visitor number 100.000!

On top of our indexpage we have placed a statistics image. If you click this image you will be able
to read our statistics. If you are the lucky one to be number 100.000 we invite you to copy the
statistics page and send it as an e-mail attachment to:

You will be awarded with the recently published book:

THE LOST MASTERS, The looting of Europe's treasure houses
by Peter Harclerode & Brendan Pittaway.

best regards

Ton Cremers

The Museum Security Network is made possible
by generous sponsorship grants by Mosler Inc
and the Netherlands Museums Association

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