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Re: 100th Anniversary

This 100th Anniversary thing has been driving me nuts all day!  I finally=20
took a few minutes to search on dogpile.com.  (searched for 100th AND=20
anniversary AND symbol) and it referred me to =20
http://marriage.miningco.com/msubann.htm who them had a referral to=20
http://www.chipublib.org/008subject/005genref/giswedding.html  Please refer=20
to the second web site if you have problems reading the text below.=20

Here is a list of traditional and modern gifts for wedding anniversaries=20
compiled by librarians at the Chicago Public Library's Information Center.=20
The list of traditional gifts includes alternatives in parentheses (last=20
updated 8/97).   (Yes, there is one for the 100th anniversary!)

Happy Anniversary!
Vickie Wen

        Traditional     Modern=20

1st     Paper           Clocks=20
2nd     Cotton          China=20
3rd     Leather         Crystal, Glass=20
4th     Linen (Silk)        Appliances=20
5th     Wood            Silverware=20
6th     Iron            Wood objects=20
7th     Wool (Copper)   Desk sets=20
8th     Bronze          Linens, Lace=20
9th     Pottery (China)     Leather goods=20
10th    Tin, Aluminum   Diamond=20
11th    Steel           Fashion jewelry=20
12th    Silk            Pearls, Colored gems=20
13th    Lace            Textiles, Furs=20
14th    Ivory           Gold jewelry=20
15th    Crystal             Watches=20
16th    Silver          holloware=20
17th    Furniture=20
18th    Porcelain=20
19th    Bronze=20
20th    China           Platinum=20
21st    Brass, Nickel=20
22nd    Copper=20
23rd    Silver plate=20
24th    Musical instruments=20
25th    Silver          Sterling silver=20
26th    Original pictures=20
27th    Sculpture=20
28th    Orchids=20
29th    New furniture=20
30th    Pearl           Diamond=20
31st    Timepieces=20
32nd    Conveyances (e.g., automobiles)=20
33rd    Amethyst=20
34th    Opal=20
35th    Coral (Jade)    Jade=20
36th    Bone china=20
37th    Alabaster=20
38th    Beryl, Tourmaline=20
39th    Lace=20
40th    Ruby            Ruby=20
41st    Land=20
42nd    Improved real estate=20
43rd    Travel=20
44th    Groceries=20
45th    Sapphire        Sapphire=20
46th    Original poetry tribute=20
47th    Books=20
48th    Optical goods (e.g., telescope, microscope)=20
49th    Luxuries, any kind=20
50th    Gold            Gold=20
55th    Emerald         Emerald=20
60th    Diamond         Diamond=20
75th    diamonds, diamondlike stones, gold=20
80th    Diamond, Pearl=20
85th    Diamond, Sapphire=20
90th    Diamond, Emerald=20
95th    Diamond, Ruby=20
100th   10-carat Diamond=20

Sources: =20
  Anderson, Charles.  "The Exchange," RQ 25 (1985): 175.
  The World Almanac and Books of Facts.  Mahwah, New Jersey: World  =20
    Almanac Books, 1997.
  World Book Encyclopedia, 1997 ed., s.v. "wedding anniversary."=20

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