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Re: 100th Anniversary

You'd be surprised how much this company gives away regularly.....(& how
often hallmark receives calls from folks who want something for
free)....Hallmark is, for instance substancially underwriting the annual
meeting of the Typocrafters (letterpress printers & artists) in October......
I suspect the consumer affairs correspondent after spenting some time trying
to find the answer & after getting nowhere recommended the next best
alternative......i'll check withsome editors down there today to see if
anyone knows of a 100th annie standard......
     >>Regards, Ron Yost ~ who doesn't know...and makes it a point not to buy
     >>Hallmark anymore
Hallmark will continue to be there when you need them.....its not so much a
leviathon as it is a community of artists & designers working under the bean
counters' whips while we try to produce the very best we can......
.......calvert guthrie(Lettering Designer)

In a message dated 8/23/99 1:29:24 PM Central Daylight Time, musik@TCSN.NET

<< Hallmark .. give *anything* away for free??  Not likely.  :-)

 You can bet they know, though.  I've seen one of their spectacular 'corporate
 special-editions' (in mock-up).

 Regards, Ron Yost ~ who doesn't know...and makes it a point not to buy
 Hallmark anymore.

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