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Re: Classes at Two Hands Press


sounds wonderful. You don't need my 'good luck' wishes, since you are
highly creative and offer a variety of interesting classes. But  a n y w a
y  the best of the better.

At 08:27 PM 8/23/99 EDT, you wrote:
>Announcing the 1999
>Two Hands Press
>22137 Avenue San Luis
>Woodland Hills, CA 91364
>818 703-0257
>September 4-5
>This class is perfect for beginners. We=92ll make three books
>over the weekend: one with a paper cover, one with cloth, and
>one with suede. The first book will be sewn on wide ribbons
>which will be laced into a paper cover with a reinforced spine.
>The second book will be sewn on bookcloth tapes which will=20
>be glued onto hard boards covered with bookcloth. The spine
>will be exposed. The third book will be sewn directly into
>suede leather, with no tapes and no glue. It has a very nice
>flexibility to it.They are all very different from the journals you=20
>can find in bookstores, and are all inexpensive to make and
>look great. Which materials to use and where to get them will
>be discussed. This class is especially for those who have
>wanted to bind multiple signature books but don=92t know where
>to start. It is also for those who have perhaps studied only tra-
>ditional binding and want to make something a little different.=20
>There will be an extra $10 cost for the leather.
>September 11-12
>This class is always popular, so here it is once again! There
>are at least 100 different ways to sew signatures together to
>make books, including sewing over tapes, over cords and
>using unsupported sewing structures. In this class, you will=20
>sew about 50 variations on index cards which will simulate
>sewing through the fold on signatures. In this way, you will
>begin to understand how to bind books in many different ways
>and the function of each technique. You will also learn about
>oversewing and tacketing and the famous caterpillar stitch.=20
>This approach was taught to me by Betsy Eldridge at PBI=20
>(Paper and Book Intensive) many years ago, and I think it is=20
>extremely helpful for gaining perspective on the binding
> process.
>Ascona Style  =20
>October 2-3
>Would you really like to learn how to do a really beautiful tradi-
>tional cased book? In this class, you will learn how rounded
>backs function differently than a flat back and how to put a
>case on a rounded back. We will round the back of a book
>sewn on tapes on the bench and then use a job backer and
>backing hammer to back the book. You will attach bookcloth
>hooks to the first and last signature and then attach them to
>the case after your book is backed. We will infill the inside of
>the boards and then place paper on the inside and your book
>is done! We=92ll also recess a label on the front cover. This style
>is called a Bradel binding; I learned it when I studied with Hugo
>Peller at the Centro del bel Libro at Ascona in Switzerland.
>Classes are from 9:00 to 5:00 Saturday and Sunday.
>Cost: $175 and includes all materials except leather.
>A non-refundable deposit of $85 is required
>to hold a place in each workshop.
>Deposit will be returned if enrollment is insufficient.
>Deadline September 1
>Confirmation of enrollment and a list of tools required
>will be sent upon receipt of deposit.
>Please feel free to telephone, FAX, or e-mail the numbers
>above for more information.
>Two Hands Press is a book arts design studio where we=20
>do commercial work for clients. We design trade books,=20
>design, print and bind limited edition books both by letterpress
> and on the computer, fabricate custom bookbindings, portfo
>lios and boxes and do calligraphic lettering and logos.
>NOTE THE DATES: I will be giving classes in San Diego and=20
>Seattle this Fall. In San Diego I will teach strong double-wall=20
>clamshell boxes on August 28 and 29. In Seattle, the class is
> for calligraphers. We will be designing a modern manuscript,
> or artist=92s book, by looking at medieval layout structures and
> making the ideas contemporary. The date is November 13-14.
> The Goudy Lecture at Scripps will be given on November 6 by
> Frank Mowery, Head Conservator at the Folger Shakespeare
> Library in Washington, D.C. He will also be teaching a work
>shop on November 6-7 on making brass clasps for wood-cov
>ered books. The Guild of Book Workers annual Standards
>Seminar is October 28-31, and the Society forCalligraphy Birthday Party is=20
>October 24. If you want any more information=20
>about these events, please contact me at
> TwoHandsPr@aol.com or at (818) 703-0257.
>THE FUTURE: Many people have requested some long-term
> bookmaking instruction, either from the bookbinding structure
> side or from the artists=92 book angle, or both. By long-term, I
> mean probably three-month-long continuing classes. Please
> contact me if you are interested in fine binding or in an artists=92
> books long-term class.
Gudrun Aurand
Washington State University
Pullman, WA 99164-5610
e-mail: aurandg@wsu.edu

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