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Y2K Books

Ms. Africa wrote:::

I was wondering if any of the book folks on the list who
take commissions are getting requests for Y2K books from the general


We had a commision, just completed, for a "Millenium Book"

48 pages of apocolyptic poetry, Elephant Folio in size.

Done on a nice italian handmade paper provided by the customer.
They wanted black pages with white typography... this was done by resist
and then dying the paper black. It worked very well, though the paper was a
little "swollen" after
the dying process. A couple of days in the press brought it back to normal.

The cover they wanted was black leather with the title in red... this was
accomplished with
the title done in red leather inlay.

Kind of a morbid looking thing but we had fun with the resist printing.

Kurt Klappenbach
Loud Creek Books & Bindery
P.O. Box 8120
Bangor, ME   04402-8120

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