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Re: Pulled paste papers with yarn/string

    In my experience, the reason for putting in a string is so that the
papers don't completely stick together and create the kind of suction which
would not allow you to pull them apart. It is not intended as a decorative
agent, but a means of allowing the "pull" to occur. The design itself occurs
from the bilateral touching of the two sides of the paper.

    I've often made pulled paste papers using a glass sheet underneath and
then turning the paper over onto the glass and re-lifting the sheet. Or have
made a decorative design, folded my paper in half and then folded it onto
itself, rubbed down lightly and then pulled the two halves apart.

    If your publisher needs examples of these, I would be happy to provide

Good luck!
Paula Marie Gourley
Lilyhouse Studio & Bookbindery

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