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a newbie surfaces

I've been lurking for months, hoping to absorb some of what you folks know by
osmisis. What a great list.

I'm drawn to this art simply because I love books. And now I have begun to
make simple journals covered with paper I made and I have an embarassingly
"newbie" question: Should I be spraying or brushing or dabbing any sort of
medium on the paper covers to strengthen and protect the paper during
handling? My artist neighbor suggested acrylic matt medium brushed over the
whole cover, but the art store folks said that would be a very obvious layer
of something visible on the paper. I'd like the pretty paper to look
"natural". Any suggestions would be welcome. I'm pasting the paper on a
medium weight book board. (Please know that I really DID go to the archives
first. Honest)

Thanks in advance for any suggestions.

pat sorbini

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