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Re: a newbie surfaces

At 07:44 PM 08/24/1999 -0700, you wrote:
>I'm new as well but have been soaking up the enormous amount of information
>on this list.  Re: applying a medium on paper - I use maps and pages from
>old atlases and find the medium very successful.. One of my books I use as
>a travel journal and it wouldn't have held up for three years without it...
>still looks great and feels good too.


I have stayed away from using paper to cover boards, except for miniatures
and small accordion books, because I didn't trust it to wear well. I think
I'll try again with your encouragement. Tell me, do you coat the paper
before you apply the medium? It seems to me that would be the logical way
because then the turn-ins would be coated while the paper is flat.

In the past, I have used PVA brushed on illustrations I applied to the
front covers of books to protect them. Years later, the pictures are as
good as new. However, there is an obvious sheen; brush strokes are visible.
Does acrylic medium change the appearance at all? Have you ever used Krylon
clear matte spray finish?

Using atlas pages for travel books is a wonderful idea.

Betty Storz   storz@mcn.org
Mendocino, CA

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