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No Subject

If anyone does know what this is, I would appreciate it if you told us on the
list too.  Or at least me.  I'm stumped.


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Forwarding this for someone not on the list. Please reply directly to Bob
at connelly@cts.com.

Thanks, p.

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Date: Wed, 25 Aug 1999 12:25:21 -0400
From: bpress <bpress@bestweb.net>
To: PDV <pdverhey@dreamscape.com>
Subject: Is this book related?

Can you or the list help with this one. He said he thought it might be a
book press. I have scanned photos and put them on
http://www.bestweb.net/~bpress/au/bkpress.jpg   :
--- end of quote ---

 Eric Alstrom
 Collections Conservator
 Dartmouth College
 Hanover, NH


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