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Re: a newbie surfaces

pat -

one of the problems with using matte medium is that most of them don't dry
completely.  they are made to mix with paint, and the paint helps the medium

we sell Golden acrylic colors and mediums in our store.  they make several
gel mediums which make great collage glues - and even though i usually work
without adhesives, i've also used them for book covers - but they also make a
good sealant.  test anything you use for complete drying and discoloration.
any wet thing you apply to paper has the potential of darkening it.

the best yet would be a spray.  Krylon was mentioned earlier.  it's the
thinnest and is less likely to affect the paper.

if you want a thicker protectant coat, the Krylon spray may act as a barrier
between the paper and the wetness of the gel, or medium.  it's worth a try.

little rock, arkansas, u.s.a.

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