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Can any one help?

Dear all,

Can any of you in the US, offer your services to Ken Osborne who is not on
this list.  Please reply to him directly at photo@hic.net or

Copies of his messages to me and my reply follow:

--------------MESSAGE ONE--------------

-----Original Message-----
From: Ken Osborne <photo@osbornephoto.com>
To: sales@hewit.com <sales@hewit.com>
Date: 26 August 1999 03:15
Subject: Wedding Albums

>Wedding Albums
>To whom it may concern,
>I am a Wedding Photographer in Houston. I am currently looking for a
>company to make custom wedding albums for me. This would be very small
>I am looking for a leather/wood or marble/mat combination. I am open for
>suggestions to any style different than what I just mentioned. It really
>does not have to be these combinations. I am showing this to a small
>high end clientele. I would probably only order 2-4 per month.
>Bookbinding that looks hand made is really what I am looking for.
>Do you do this type of work?
>Ken Osborne

Dear Ken,

Thank you for your recent enquiry.

We are manufacturers and suppliers of leather, materials, tools & sundries
to the bookbinding trade.  As such, we do not actually bind books ourselves.
Were you specifically looking for a British company to do this work for you?
I ask this, since you will find many good quality bookbinders much nearer to
'home' in  the Southern US states.

If you wish I can pass your message across to a bookbinding list I subscribe
to, - most of the subscribers are bookbinders and about 80% of them are from
the US.

Please let me know.

kind regards,

David M. Lanning
--------------END MESSAGE ONE--------------

--------------MESSAGE TWO-----------------


Thank you I would love that. I have also included a somewhat description of
what I am looking for below.



Wedding Album Design

It is very hard to explain what I am looking for. I have seen something like
it with another photographer in the area but cannot find it. I am looking
more for an art/coffeee table wedding art book. I know that sounds funny for
a wedding album but it really is true. Most of the photographs will be B&W.
I use Art Leathers Black Onyx now but want something more directed to my
individual style.
I am open for ideas. I do not want the frilly look. Maybe something like
wood/paper  pressed mats with rice paper in between separaring each page.
The front : wood and leather combined  or maybe marble/black leather. These
are just ideas. Like I said I am open for suggestions. I know I do not want
the cutsie wedding designs that have been around forever. I want a more
contemporary stately look.

I donít want much do I?


------------END MESSAGE TWO-------------

kind regards,


David M. Lanning
J. Hewit & Sons Ltd. - London
Tel: +44 (0)20 8965 5377
Fax: +44 (0)20 8453 0414
e-mail: sales@hewit.com
web: www.hewit.com

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