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New Title: Ticketed Bookbindings from Nineteenth-Century Britain


By Willman Spawn and Thomas E. Kinsella

This exhibition catalogue displays the ticketed bookbindings in the Canady
Library of Bryn Mawr College,  including a collection of 219 works in
bindings by identified binders from the British Isles, ranging in date from
the late 18th to the early 20th century. The collection was assembled by a
British bookseller who had learned of Bryn Mawr's interest in ticketed,
stamped, or otherwise identified bindings. The geographical range of the
bindings is notable, with 59 attributed to London, 141 to other English and
Welsh cities and towns, 15 to Scotland, and 4 to Ireland. The collection
also contains the work of noted West End Binders such as Charles Hering,
John Bohn, and James Black as well as bindings by prominent trade binders
such as Westleys & Clark and Remnants & Edmonds. Equally noteworthy are the
66 binders present who are not listed in standard reference works. In
addition, the catalogue also briefly describes 485 other ticketed
bookbindings that are not shown.

The strength of the collection lies in the 150 works produced in the years
1820-1860. At the beginning of this period, most books were hand bound to
order for the purchaser. However by 1860, edition binding was more prevalent
with large batches of print runs bound alike. During this time, tremendous
increases in demand for printed works resulted in an increase in the size of
binding firms, improved efficiency through specialization of labor, and
advances in the mechanization of binding. The heart of this collection is a
sampling of work from across Great Britain, produced during a period when
industrial advances, as well as educational reforms, placed growing demands
on the bookbinder. These demands were met by the steady evolution of both
the business and craft of bookbinding.

This work is thus an important title for students, scholars, and others
interested in the study of bookbinding and bookbinding history.

1999, 8.5" x 11", illustrated, 206 pages.
Hardcover:  Order# 54990-Z / Price $65.00 + shipping
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