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Re: Wax on wooden tablets

There is an article on a wax tablet in the most recent
issue of Archaeology Odyssey, titled "The World's First

I'd love to quote it, but my sister (Madelyn Garrett, who
was here in San Francisco for the opening of the Westward
Bound exhibit which she curated) borrowed my copy last

It tells about a wax tablet recovered in a very rich
ancient shipwreck off the coast of Turkey.   Gives a good
picture and tells how it was constructed and how it was

Seems to me that it mentions something mixed with the
wax.  Fascinating article.  There is another article in
the same issue about the shipwreck in which it was found.


Sharon Sweeney

>  It runs (foggy-fashion) in the back of my mind that bees wax was used,
> but with an additive to keep it soft, oil? gum?
>   Dorothy Africa

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