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Re: TOY CAMERAS/Fisher-Price

In a message dated 8/27/99 9:57:03 AM Eastern Daylight Time,
k.willias@HOME.COM writes:

>  I saw a wonderful toy camera a couple
>  of years ago made by Fisher-Price, I think.  It was colorful
>  and plastic and when taking the picture made a song-like noise.
>  It took a couple of minutes for the picture to print out.  The
>  picture was black and white and printed out on white roll paper
>  like in the old adding machines.  I would love to find one.
>  Any ideas?  I searched the Fisher-Price Web site without result.
>  Thanks.

It's called Creative Effects. I purchased one for about $35 dollars in 1997.
The images are quite wonderful. Very grainy. I took some very interesting
images of Agent Scully (from X-Files) with it by taping the show and then
viewing and pausing the tape. Why Agent Scully, I can't say. I was watching
the show and then thought, hey, what would happen if I took a picture of this
stilled image.

I did several portraits of friends as well. Manipulating the image through
copy machine was also a success.

You can look on eBay. But I'd call Fisher-Price to see if the "film"/paper is
still available. I had a friend who made her own paper by taking an empty
paper case and then cutting thermal fax paper and rolling it up inside it.

I, on the other hand, called F-P and bought lots and lots of extras.

Faith Georgia

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