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Re: Frost coptic kits

"Book Conservation, Metropolitan Museum of Art" wrote:
> I'm trying to find Gary or Cecelia Frost to see if they are still
> selling coptic binding kits? I'm teaching a coptic boxmaking class and
> want to order 12-14 pcs. Cecelia, or others, I'd appreciate it if you
> would get in touch with me on this matter as soon as possible. Thanks,
> Mindy Dubansky

When I was in contact with Gary earlier this summer for the same purpose
(hoping to teach some of my fellow students), he was too busy with all
kinds of complications (end of booklab, new job, etc) to make kits by
September... but things may be calmed by now. His post-booklab address
is gary@gslis.utexas.edu

I don't know Cecilia's address, or if she makes them on her own now.

By the way, I note your title, or office, or whatever. Can't let these
opportunities slip by: do you ever offer internships/apprenticeships in
book conservation there? If so, I'd love to get some more information.


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